Bryan Fitz – Elder


Bryan grew up in a Christian home after hearing the gospel message and responding at a Vacation Bible School. Bryan married Stephenie whom he met while in college. Bryan and Stephenie live in North Ridgeville and have 2 daughters (Olivia and Jessi) as well as one son (Brayden). Bryan and Stephenie also are involved in foster care. Bryan is self employed providing IT support to small businesses in Northeast Ohio.

Facts About Bryan

Ministry Focus:
Bryan oversees the local ministry team and small groups in addition to filling in for Darren in the pulpit several times a year.
A book that recently influenced you:
The Explicit Gospel - Matt Chandler
Favorite way to spend free time:
Playing with my kids or playing board games with my wife.
Favorite spots:
Starbucks. I am there way too often and I know this because the employees all know my name and normal drink order.
Something quirky about you:
Up until a couple of years ago I was deathly afraid of public speaking.