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Ministries of Trinity Church


Children’s Ministry

passing the gospel to the next generation

The children of Trinity Church are our greatest resource, so we ask God to make us faithful in training them to live for God, to love others, and to serve Him with excellence and joy. Here’s what we’re doing with them each week:

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Teen Ministry

building strong faith in an age of opportunity

Growing up in church can be tough. Especially into the teen years, it’s hard to know how to reconcile what you’ve learned as a kid with the increasing pressures of school and work. That’s why we are so grateful that God’s strengthened our church with teenagers who love God and want to rally together to build up their friends.

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Young Adults

Walking together into maturity

Though it’s right to celebrate graduation, studies show that the process of leaving high school and moving into the next steps of adulthood can be very stressful. It’s no wonder many young adults struggle during this season. At Trinity, we are grateful that our young adults are committed to meeting together for prayer and encouragement as they start college or head into employment. See one of our pastors or call the church if you’d like to learn more about joining in.


Senior Saints

embracing the necessity of mature examples

We’re grateful to be a church with a rich history of God’s faithfulness. One of our richest assets as a church family is the folks who have been faithful members from the beginning of our church and who have walked with the Lord for years. Our mentors are critical for what it means to be a vibrant and healthy church. For that reason, the older believers at Trinity regularly meet in order to remind each other of the privilege they have as examples to the church. In addition to this type of encouragement, meetings also provide a context for fellowship and teaching for the unique needs of this season of life. It’s exciting to see how our church in maturing as a body. If you’d like to join us and get involved, please see a pastor or one of our leaders today.


What is Discipleship?

Following Christ... together

At the heart of everything we do is one simple principle: no matter how much we meet together or schedule events, God’s Spirit is the only one who really helps us to grow and change. So how do we guarantee that we can meet with God and find his help? Good question. At Trinity, we think the answer is fairly simple: people should open the Bible together, read and discuss it together, then pray together for power and courage to act on what they’ve seen about God. That process is called Discipleship… and it’s what we’re all about at Trinity. Most of the time we do that in groups, but we’re also looking to get people to sit down one on one to read and pray. If you’d like to have someone from Trinity meet with you, please call the church today- we’d love to help you get connected.

The only way we can accomplish what God’s called us to do is when the people of Trinity Church actively plug into the ministries God’s established. So, check out some of the ways you can get involved. Our mission depends on it.

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