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Here’s what to expect for our Sunday mornings

Entering into Worship

Our service normally begins with a “Call to Worship” when one of our leaders greets the church, highlights a few upcoming activities, and then encourages us to give our attention to God. After that, we normally sing a couple songs to help us focus on God and to settle our attention on His Word.

Hearing God’s Word

After singing, we hear someone read publicly from the part of the Bible that will be the central focus of the sermon. Normally lasting 35-45 minutes, sermons expound on the main point of that text and help us to see God’s character and will.

Responding to God’s Word

After the sermon, we want to respond to what we’ve just heard. Mostly this is by singing; included in this time though are spots where we pray with each other, but always with hearts prepared to celebrate and apply the gospel.

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