Passion Week: Day 1

“Father forgive them…”


Good Morning,

This week, we’re taking a long look at the Cross in preparation for Good Friday and Easter.   As he hung on the Cross, Jesus spoke seven times… and we’ve made some videos that help us to reflect on each saying individually.  Click above to watch a video for day 1.

Anticipating the Lord’s Day with you,

3 thoughts on “Passion Week: Day 1

  1. Ken Whitney says:


    Very well done, especially, today in this time of turmoil in this country and the world. You presented some very good thoughts for everyone to think about.

    Uncle Ken

  2. Beth Gingery says:

    This is truly amazing to watch. It just breaks my heart to the point of tears to watch our Lord and Savior beaten to the point of death. horrible Thanks so much for all the wonderful messages.

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